“Establishing safe spaces for black girls to live as creative citizens.”

Founded in 2014, Black Girl Spectrum (BGS) aims to nurture and bring awareness to Black girl brilliance. BGS explores the spectrum of identities among Black girls and women while working to create safe spaces for them to live as creative citizens. The initiative seeks to amplify the cultural and creative empowerment of Black girls and women through dance, dialogue, and popular education tools.

BGS served as participatory research that informed Ms. Brown’s evening-length work, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play, which premiered in September 2015 at The Joyce Theater.


Camille A. Brown: Exploring the Black Girl Spectrum
By: Zita Allen
Amsterdam News

Camille A. Brown’s Black Girl Spectrum Symposium: More then just a Hashtag

Black Girl Spectrum (BGS) is not only a well thought out project implemented by Camille A. Brown & Dancers it is an overall experience. Through this type of work and creativity I have seen in our middle school students the ability for them to build self-confidence, feel motivated and feel connected to the instructor and the group around them. These are powerful social impacts that are drawn out from BGS and are a current need among our youth in schools.
- Michelle Durante, Director of Arts at Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation

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Camille A. Brown & Dancers is committed to engaging audiences and empowering communities through dance and dialogue, both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves not only in presenting authentic performances, but also in creating safe spaces that foster collective learning and individual growth.

“The BGS Workshop provides a great opportunity for students to explore their identity as young women through the vehicle of dance. Our students benefited from Camille’s expertise, guidance and personal story. The workshop opened up new possibilities for them in how to express through dance and in how to give a platform to their personal stories.”
— J Lyn Thomas, Dance Director at Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School