Welcome to Every Body Move 2018!

This is our 3rd year coming together as a community to lift up the art of movement.

Dance is provocative. It heals the soul and fuels the spirit. It is a powerful tool for self expression that many are using. Donald Glover’s recent video, “This is America”, is a powerful example of how movement can be used to tell a story. Flashes of the past and present, African-influenced sounds and dances were wrapped into a complex and rich commentary on America. The narrative was driven by dance and created a space for challenging dialogue and ideas for positive change in all of our communities.

Every Body Move was created to let everyone know that YES your body can move and it has power that is personal, but can also contribute to the heart of a community. Our bodies have a history and a heritage that lives in all of us. We have the power to shift the way we move in life regardless of our circumstances and our creative language contributes to us each being a more active, energized person. Movement builds stamina and is a lesson in perseverance that allows us to continue building safe spaces for each other and creating light. It is my hope that together, we experience how movement can provide healing and be empowering for ourselves and our communities.