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“This is how you encompass a space! Brown’s choreography used that set like a jungle gym—with ensemblists bounding from scaffold to scaffold, using banquet tables like ramps in a skate park, and joining in dance with the string players. The energy inherent in her movement exploded from the bodies of the full cast. Whether popping in “What’s the Buzz?,” transitioning into the mellow “Last Supper,” or slinking into the ’20s bent of King Herod’s ladies, Brown conceived a vocabulary for each number that spoke one language for the show. The fact that she managed to meld individual movements within her big picture for a cast this size with such mastery, grace, and and wild abandon speaks to her command of choreography”
The 7 Best Things About Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
By: Logan Culwell-Block, Ruthie Fierberg

"Brown’s choreography brought something new to the stage while retaining nods to the original production and film. I particularly enjoyed the complicated movement during the temple and leper scenes, as well as the exceptional ensemble performances"
TV Brew: Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
By: Brook H.
Pop Culture Uncovered

“The whole ensemble, which included University of Central Florida graduate and Broadway leading man Justin Matthew Sargent, made a strong impression — in part thanks to Camille A. Brown’s energy-lifting choreography.
”Review: The big names of NBC's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' were eclipsed
By: Matthew J. Palm
Orland Sentinel

“Camille A. Brown's ensemble choreography (like her choreography for the Broadway company of ‘'Once on This Island'') is also not to be missed. After all, Jesus is nothing without his followers, and Brown's movement imbues this community of disciples with a shared earnestness that eventually turns against the prophet in chants of "Crucify him!"
What's the Buzz About NBC's Jesus Christ SuperstarLive in Concert?
By: Hayley Levitt
Theater Mania

“choreographer Camille A. Brown do a fantastic job adding clarity to what can be a nebulous—and yes, very weird—musical. Distinctive costuming helps distinguish the show’s many antagonistic authority figures from one another. And the stripped down staging allowed this production to do what musical theater does best: Tell an exhilarating story using music, dance, acting, and little else.”
Even without a resurrection, John Legend rises in NBC’s electrifying Jesus Christ Superstar Live
By: Caroline Siede
AV/TV Club

“Camille A. Brown’s stellar choreography for the broadcast performance of JCS Live was gripping, rugged, and visceral. The connection the movement added to the story was impressive, and Brown, who is represented on Broadway as the choreographer for the current production of Once On This Island (which also stars Norm Lewis, the TONY® award winning actor who played Caiaphas in JCS Live), comes from a modern dance background and consistently strives for a dense gestural vocabulary and thoughtful storytelling. Brown’s ability to drive the story line with her movement, while, at the same time engage her audience and her dancers is a true mastery of the craft.”
Our Five Favorite Things About Jesus Christ Superstar Live
By: Michael Mahany
Dance Network

“the choreography was most obviously done by a black woman (shoutout to Camille Brown!) and had me getting my whole life. I loved that representation played a strong”
Jesus, Imma Let You Finish, but Judas Had the Best Performance in Jesus Christ Superstar Live!
By: Danielle Young
The Grapevine

“effective choreography by Camille A. Brown.” 
NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Set a New Standard for Live Musicals
By: Matt Zoller Seitz

“Fortified by Camille A. Brown’s spirited choreography, the administrators’ use of the huge house all through was exemplary.”
'Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert': TV Review
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“the brilliant choreography of Camille A. Brown, worked in the big picture.  Her choreography encapsulated each style and moment with a strength and a fierceness that jumped out of the television screen and into the imagination of all viewers.”
Jesus Christ Superstar: A Happy Easter Gift from NBC
By: Ross
front mezz junkies

“Camille A. Brown’s choreography was to die for”
Jesus Christ Superstar is the Camp Musical We've Been Waiting For
By: Melissa Slaughter

“Kudos, too, for Camille A. Brown's choreography”
Really fantastic JCS live production already...
By: WaymanWong
Talkin' Broadway

“Must also give a shout out to Camille A. Brown's imaginative and energetic choreography that electrified several musical numbers”
Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
By: Gideon58
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