New Second Line

Originally Commissioned by Reflections Dance Company.

Inspired by the events of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this work is a celebration of the spirit and culture of the people of New Orleans. Second Line is a traditional brass band parade for weddings, social events, and most notably, funerals. The people who follow the parade dancing with high energy and spirit are known as the ‘second line’.

“The Movement In New Second Line Is Elastic, Springy And Big, With Collapses To Floor That Pop Right Back Again, Lots Of Group Synchronicity And Fun. Everything Is So Strong And Emphatic But Also Fluid And Smooth.”
— Offoffoff

“Though Grief Is Given Its Due, Exuberance Swells With The Music Of The Rebirth Brass Band. We’re Still Here, Brown Reminds Us, So We Might As Well Dance.”
— The Boston Globe

Gwendolyn Baum