Premiere: April 2009- Aaron Davis Hall (New York)

RT: 5:00 minutes
SOLO: Camille A. Brown
MUSIC: Kurt ‘KC’ Clayton

Dedicated to the memory of her grandmother, Mary Virginia Williams. This dance expresses how blessed she feels to have been given such a wonderful gift in her ‘Grandma’. She will always be with her in spirit, being her special guardian angel.

Photo credit: Steven Schreiber

“Truly possessive of a star quality the room seems to shine brighter because of her light…”
— Idanz review from APAP 2010

“There is no undercover talent here as camille shines like a star on stage. with the use of breath, her movements seem effortless. The lines created on her body are clean and exact, and the theatrical choreography draws me in emotionally and spiritually. Each movement speaks the words of her story. Camille opens the eyes and ears of the audience as she vividly reads us a story about her grandmother through dance. Bravo Camille for a beautiful performance and for waking up the spirit of your grandmother on stage.”
— Careitha Davis (Idanz)

Mara Measor