PREMIERE: September 2007- City Center’s Fall for Dance (New York)
COMPANY PREMIERE: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (Dec, 2010)

RT: 9:00 minutes
MUSIC: Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter, Nancy Wilson

Choreographed and performed by Brown, “The Evolution…”, is a portrait of a woman, who with taunt gestures and fast footwork bursts into action creating a witty and humorous portrayal of a character in the midst of vacillating between uncertainty and carefree expression. The candid journey becomes a force with no restrictions, while finding joy in the spontaneity of life and celebrating the limitless gift of being a woman. *This work was made possible with generous support from The Fund For New Work and Bam/651 Arts.

“[Camille A. Brown] as an innate ability to emulate the unspoken in the subtle ways she captures and telegraphs vernacular gesture.”
— The Washington Post

“The incomparable Camille A. Brown dances her solo to music by Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter, and Nancy Wilson… Brown breezed onto the stage, a hat dipped low over her eyes, and launched into ‘the evolution of a secured feminine’. (What a title! But, by the end of this tour de force, you understand it.) It certainly could not be called quiet or small, but it had lots of tiny, vivid treasures, specific, focused movements danced with frightening control and… I adored this dance, and so did the audience who could not get enough of Brown”
— Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Mara Measor