The Gathering

The Gathering is an annual open forum for intergenerational Black female choreographers and artists that aims to strengthen the awareness and deepen the impact of Black female artistry within the greater dance field through the support of its community. 

The Gathering harnesses its collective voices and talents to advocate for: enhanced visibility in the dance world, increased understanding of essential arts administrative tools and skills for success, growth in public exposure of past and future artists and works of note, and the paving of a more vibrant, unbiased and sustainable future for the next generation of choreographers.

2018 Gathering Co-Facilitators: Ebony Noelle Golden and Sydnie Mosley
2018 Gathering Workshop Facilitator: Shawn René Graham

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Camille A. Brown & Dancers is committed to engaging audiences and empowering communities through dance and dialogue, both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves not only in presenting authentic performances, but also in creating safe spaces that foster collective learning and individual growth.

“This Gathering is so powerful for me. When I was creating my own organization, Sound In Motion, making an ongoing sustainable organization like that, I was one of the few Black females doing that in that era. I had the energy to ask people. I somehow asked around. I would find people and they would reply, “Oh nobody’s ever asked me that. Oh you just have to do this.” Five years later people with the same questions would come into my dance studio, and I had the idea to produce them. Those of us who have studios, resources knowledge, let’s not be secretive. Don’t just hold, offer it...offer it...offer it! Giving goes in a circle. That’s what’s going to make all of us grow and our whole community of dance grow.”
— Dianne McIntyre