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Toni Stone

June 20- August 11, 2019
Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre
Laura Pels Theatre

Toni Stone is an encyclopedia of baseball stats. She’s got a great arm. And she doesn’t understand why she can't play with the boys. Featuring a bullpen of players crossing age, race and gender to portray all supporting roles,Toni Stone is a vibrant play about staying in the game, playing hard, playing smart and playing your own way.

Directed by Pam MacKinnon

Choreography by Camille A. Brown

Starring April Matthis, Eric Berryman, Harvy Blanks, Phillip James Brannon, Daniel J. Bryant, Jonathan Burke, Toney Goins, Kenn E. Head, and Ezra Knight



“the astonishing, dancelike movement (by Camille A. Brown) that expresses the game without mimicking it — all contribute to the feeling that we’re learning something new, but also in new ways.”
- The New York Times 

“Camille A. Brown, who provided the wonderful (and Tony-nominated) choreography for another play, “Choir Boy,” is equally kinetic in her work here. Together, she and MacKinnon give a semblance of the game,  often played out at the edges of the stage,”
- The Wrap 

“we can’t forget the superb choreography, with an appropriately murky undertone, by Camille A. Brown”
- NY Stage Review 

“ Well-choreographed by Camille A. Brown”
- DC Theater Scene 

“The games themselves... vividly rendered in choreographic shorthand (by Camille A. Brown) making full use of the actors’ smooth, confident physicality.”
-Theater News Online

“graceful, vigorous pantomime choreographed by Camille A. Brown, known for her ravishing work on Choir Boy and 2017’s Broadway revival of Once On This Island.”
-New York Stage Review