ABU DHABI WORLD- These dancers hope to leave a lasting impression

The arts are often talked about in the context of being a platform for dialogue, of creating a space where people – no matter their age, background or beliefs – can enjoy a shared experience that could lead to an open discussion.

When artists create and perform, they generate a wave of self-expression and emotion that they hope in turn will cause a ripple effect that leaves the audience reflecting on their work.

It’s exactly this that spurs Camille A Brown on to create her thought-provoking pieces. The award-winning American dancer and choreographer – whose accolades include several Princess Grace Awards, a Bessie Award and Guggenheim Fellowship – has made a name for herself for her work that addresses the cultural narrative of African American society throughout history as well as cultural appropriation. In essence, her work seeks to spark curiosity, prompt reflection and encourage open-mindedness.

Jordan Lugenbeel