DANCE ICONS- Camille A. Brown: Dancing into the Impossible

Humble and compassionate, American choreographer Camille A. Brown has captured the hearts of millions with her raw and brazen storytelling. From Broadway productions to social advocacy through thought provoking pieces and outreach programs, her commitment to honor the history behind these stories is unwavering. ICONS spoke with Camille about her newest piece ink and her inspiration throughout her career.

 Dance ICONS: What influences your movement style? How do you work that into your creative process?

 Camille A. Brown: I find it difficult to describe my movement style, because I just love to move and I love to dance. I lean more towards social dance, modern, African, hip hop and percussive genres of dance. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t think about these genres separately; it’s really more about how I like to move. I have a certain rhythm when I create, but my process is very spontaneous. These different movement styles are in my toolbox and I pull them out as I need them -- creating my own jambalaya! To me it’s not about being deep seeded in any specific genre, but to use them as a springboard to create my voice.

Jordan Lugenbeel