ROLLINGOUT- Choreographer Camille A. Brown on her journey and current work with John Legend

Camile A. Brown is a prolific New York-based choreographer. She has been commissioned to work for several companies as a choreographer, which has gained her awards and acclaim. She works as a musical compositionist to portray stories from the Black female perspective. Brown is artistic director of Camille A. Brown & Dancers. She works tirelessly to inspire youth with cultural curiosity and self-reflection through community outreach initiatives. Brown spoke with rolling out about her most current works and her journey as a choreographer.

What is your backstory and how did you become a performer?

When I was younger I always loved watching Michael and Janet Jackson videos. I would try to learn all the dance breaks and combinations. My mom put me in dance classes. I started taking dance back when I was three years old. I didn’t always have a big voice and it was even smaller when I was little, so I used to dance to communicate. It wasn’t until high school when I visited the Ailey school that I realized I could do this as a career.

Jordan Lugenbeel