Youth Initiative

Because of our audience building initiative, we performed for over 500 students from the following schools and organizations:

Camden Repertory Theater – Camden, NJ
Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy – New York, NY
Dancewave – Brooklyn, NY
Devore Dance Studio –  Hollis, NY
Edge School of the Arts (ESOTA) – Laurelton, NY
Five Star Dance – Teaneck, NJ
GirlsTalk/GuysTalk – New York, NY
Harlem School of the Arts – New York, NY
SoulRebel Dance Inc. – Brooklyn, NY
Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation, Inc. – Long Island City, NY
The Hotchkiss School – Lakeville, CT
Transition to Adulthood – Bronx, NY

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

Center for Creative Youth

“I was especially amazed by Camille A. Brown. Not only was her company incredibly talented, but she told stories so beautifully. She clearly wanted to help girls aspiring to choreograph, which was beautiful.”
~ Colleen Guernier
Musical Theatre student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“I experienced wonderful concerts like the Camille A. Brown and her dancers. Even though dance was not my art major, the show made me feel like it was; the way they were connected with the audience and the connection they had with each other was amazing. Even after the concert when we had a question & answer session with the cast, you could still see they had something special as a group and O enjoyed that.”
~ Brianna Jenkins
Music student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“Camille Brown was AWESOME. “
~ Rachel Burke
Theatre student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“I have seen Camille A. Brown and dancers perform-they were amazing. In their performance, they used so much historical content and taught you as they danced.”
~ Gerald Mullings
Musical Theatre student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“My understanding of the interrelationship of the arts has grown in that I now understand from where it stems. The relationship is not based in thematics but the raw idea and emotion from which the artwork is derived; the ideas and emotion connect art forms. By being an audience member at CCY arts events, I’ve learned that any particular piece is a reflection of an idea that can equally be harnessed in another art to express the same message or emotion. Of all of them, Camille A. Brown’s performance stood out because it was the most diverse in content and, to me, the most socially conscious.” ~ J. S. Joseph
Filmmaking student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“I loved most of the CFA performances, mainly Camille A. Brown because she was just an inspirational person. ~Kierah King
Dance student, CCY at Wesleyan University

“Camille A. Brown is a genius. Love her.”
~Naysha Farfan
Theatre student, CCY at Wesleyan University

Here’s what some of the educators had to say:

Harlem School of the Arts

“It is rare to go to a performance where every ballet is brilliant. My students from The Harlem School of the Arts were so inspired by the concert. Carmen De Lavallade was amazing and Camille was stunning. As we left one of my students asked, “Can Camille A. Brown come visit us in Harlem and teach us to dance like her?” That’s what it’s all about. Inspiration and passing it on to our youth. Thank you!”
~Aubrey Lynch II
Dance Program Director of The Harlem School of the Arts


Thirty students from the FLI Girls/GirlsTalk program in Harlem, came to the Joyce Theater on Sunday, January 29th to witness Camille A. Brown & Dancers tear down the house. Program Founder, Aurora Barnes said:

“The girls could not stop talking about the show afterwards. Each student had their favorite dancers and favorite scene. The following day, in class, we talked about how Camille chose to debunk stereotypes of how black people are portrayed in the media. The students grappled with the fact that they were amused by the piece (“it was type funny,” Tatiana said) but found the stereotypes so offensive. We talked about how Camille used her voice to tackle injustice and then discussed how we might use our voices to do the same. Camille does something a lot of dance companies do not: She creates a dialogue with her work. We left the Joyce feeling like we experienced theater! It was entertaining, beautiful and thought-provoking. Zakiya Vega, 13, said: “I wanna do that!” Camille A. Brown & Dancers makes them excited to try.”
~ Aurora Barnes
Founder of GirlsTalk/GuysTalk Program


Camille A. Brown


Camille A. Brown and Dancers Repertory


Camille A. Brown Theater Choreography


Engagement with Camille A. Brown