Camille A. Brown & Dancers is committed to engaging audiences and empowering communities through dance and dialogue both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves not only in presenting authentic performances, but also in creating safe spaces that foster collective learning and individual growth.



“Camille A. Brown & Dancers makes them [students] excited to try.”

~Aurora Barnes, Founder of GirlsTalk/GuysTalk Program


“You’ve helped me acknowledge (look back) my roots of culture, childhood and why I dance.”

~Trinity Dawn Bobo, Dance Student at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago


“Camille A. Brown’s workshop really captured the students’ attention. The way she interweaved history with movement allowed students to cross-integrate content matter, while having fun. My students were able to connect and see how their history and ancestry played such an important role in today’s society and pop culture.”

~Reesie Davie, Dance Teacher at King College Prep


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