A Journey through Juba and Other Social Dances

Rooted in the African-American vernacular, this movement workshop led by Camille A. Brown or a member of CABD celebrates the power of African-American social dance and its impact and influence on American dance forms throughout history. Using JUBA (“pattin juba”) as a jumping off point, participants are taken on a social dance journey. From “the wing” to “the whip”, attendees investigate the ways communities used movement as a way of protest, liberation, and/or healing. By learning about the past, it is Camille’s hope that the spirit of expression through movement is embodied in our present day – providing the individual with a platform to celebrate their identity and to share their personal expression with the community of participants. All levels and all ages are welcome.

Double this, JUBA that!

Participants will learn sections from Camille A. Brown’s newest work, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play. In this work, Brown uses the rhythmic play of African-American dance vernacular including social dancing, double dutch, steppin’, tap, Juba, ring shout, and gesture to evoke childhood memories of self-discovery. The rhythmic play of Double Dutch serves as an entry point to the rhythms and movements of social dances that are culturally, individually, and politically rooted. Led by Camille A. Brown and/or Catherine Foster, CABD member, participants will learn the musical compositions of Hip Hop, Reggae, and African infused in the work and the connection between handclap games and “pattin’ juba”. It is Camille’s hope that the spirit of play is embodied and provides a platform for the individual to celebrate their identity. All levels and all ages are welcome.

JUBA- a dance developed by African-Americans on plantations during slavery in America. It is a precursor of Tap. Learn more here

Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. Learn more here


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